Yards of Bundy
    Episode 143 Oct 28, 2014
    Rollbacks are an important exercise in Clinton’s training regimen because they’re a great exercise to get full body control of a horse...
    Bundy on the Trail
    Episode 143 Oct 21, 2014
    Clinton rides Bundy outside of the arena for the first time, training the stallion on the dirt roads that crisscross through Kings Creek Station...
    Survival for Horse Trainers
    Episode 143 Oct 14, 2014
    Clinton continues to improve Bundy’s groundwork, teaching the stallion Fundamentals exercises such as Circle Driving and Lunging for Respect...
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12:00 PM
Yards of Bundy
Rollbacks are an important exercise in Clinton’s train...
12:00 PM
Trailers and Fences...
Bundy is progressing through the Fundamentals level of...

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